The 5 Biggest Challenges in Hospitality Hiring

Matt RowleyRhubarb Recruitment


In the world of hospitality, brilliant service and exceptional guest experiences are everything. But finding the right team members for your hospitality business in London comes with challenges. This blog will discuss these challenges and show how a permanent hospitality recruitment agency like Rhubarb Recruitment can help.

High Turnover Rates

Many roles in the hospitality industry are seasonal, meaning they only last for specific periods, such as summer or winter. This implies that staff often leave when the season winds down. Add to that the demanding nature of hospitality roles—think late nights and busy weekends—and the desire to chase bigger dreams, and it is no wonder people move on so frequently.

The frequent coming and going of staff can be disruptive. Businesses often find themselves racing against time to find and train replacements. This rush affects service quality, and the continuous need to onboard and train new staff can be time-consuming and costly.

Mismatched Expectations

Employers have a specific picture of a job role in their minds—what it involves, the hours, and the pay. But often, what they are picturing is not what the job-seeker had in mind. The job-seeker might walk in with entirely different expectations.

This disconnect can lead to dissatisfaction and high turnover. Open communication is the key here. By discussing roles, responsibilities, and remunerations, employers and employees can find a middle ground and build a long-term, happy working relationship.

Diverse Skill Requirements

Hospitality is more than just chefs and servers. It is also the front desk executives juggling calls and reservations, the creative minds planning events, and the diligent housekeepers. And each of these jobs needs its own unique set of skills.

For employers, this diversity means sifting through a long list of potential candidates to find the perfect fit, which is easier said than done.

Cultural Fit

Every cafe or hotel has a unique way of doing things, its own culture. Hiring is not just about skills on a CV but also about how someone fits into this culture. Your new employees should do the job in a way that aligns with what your business is all about.

Rapid Industry Changes

The hospitality world is ever-changing. One day, guests might want quick digital check-ins. Next, they are all about eco-friendly choices. This dynamic nature of the industry means businesses need staff who can adapt and are eager to keep learning.

As the world changes, staying at the forefront means having a team that is skilled, proactive, and responsive to change.

Why Rhubarb Recruitment?

With all these challenges, hiring can seem like a daunting task. This is where the expertise of hospitality recruitment agencies in London becomes invaluable.

At Rhubarb Recruitment, we get the ins and outs of hospitality hiring. We have fine-tuned our approach to match businesses with their ideal candidates and help job-seekers land their dream role in hospitality.

Concluding Thoughts

Sure, hiring in hospitality can feel like a puzzle. But with determination, industry know-how, and a guiding hand, the pieces fall into place. Whether you are a business on the hunt for your next star employee or a job seeker looking for your next opportunity, Rhubarb Recruitment is here to help.

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