Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship Demystified: A Guide for Restaurant and Hotel Employers.

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Help! I can’t find any hospitality staff. For many years the UK’s Hospitality industry relied on European labour migration into the UK as a major source of workforce talent. With BREXIT, this workforce migration was effectively cut off overnight, and the industry has been left grappling with major staff shortages ever since. This problem has been compounded by the PANDEMIC, … Read More

The 5 Biggest Challenges in Hospitality Hiring

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In the world of hospitality, brilliant service and exceptional guest experiences are everything. But finding the right team members for your hospitality business in London comes with challenges. This blog will discuss these challenges and show how a permanent hospitality recruitment agency like Rhubarb Recruitment can help. High Turnover Rates Many roles in the hospitality industry are seasonal, meaning they … Read More

From Novice To Pro: How A Professional Recruitment Agency Helps Elevate Your Hospitality Career!

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In today’s competitive world, career progression is an essential driving force for professionals. Finding the right opportunity to advance and grow your career in hospitality can be quite challenging. This is where a professional hospitality recruitment agency can help! These agencies are essential in shaping careers and connecting job seekers with their dream roles. Let us explore how partnering with … Read More